Sunday, June 24, 2012

Victory Painted

As I finished painting a client's powder room,
she showed me a statue in her dining room, 
 a replica of  'La Victoire de Samothrace'.
it was too white and new-looking for her decor. 

Could I make it look like aged plaster?

Here's a simple (meaning quick and easy) technique
to create "instant age."

This would look great on ornate picture frames.
Or lamp bases. Or tinware.
Or chandeliers.  Or hardware. Or statues.
In any color combination.

So grab some cans of spray paint and have fun!

Because this statue was glossy,
 I first used primer.


Then sprayed it black for the background.
You'll see I didn't fret about complete coverage.

Over top, brush some white latex primer.
Yes, it will adhere, nicely.

Plus it's got a flat sheen 
that will give the chalky-distressed effect I'm after.

Then give it one last spray of clear matte finish.

And, 'La Victoire' is ready for delivery.
Tout de suite!


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