Sunday, July 1, 2012


What girl doesn't like diamonds?

Actually I was thinking of the painted kind.

They're a classic design
that elevates any room's style
whether you place them on all the walls ...

Better Homes and Garden

....or just one.

Better Homes and Garden

With a little planning,
a little mathematics,
( don't panic, it's easy!)
a little patience,
oh, and a lot of tape,
you can paint them in your room.

Do you want to try it?
Then, let's walk through the steps,
using a wall I painted this week as an illustration.

1.  Decide on a shape and size.
Will the height of the diamond equal the width,
as in the black and white bathroom above?


will they be enlongated,
like the yellow nursery photo?

For my project we chose the enlongated kind,
twice as long as wide.

3.  Measure the wall's length,
and then make things easy on yourself.

Example:  The wall is 12 ' 2" long.
Keep it SIMPLE -- make each diamond 12" wide.
There will be 12 of them.

But what about the last 2"?
By making the last four diamonds 1/4" wider,
the 2" will disappear with nary a trace.

4.  Measure the wall's height.
If we use 12" wide diamonds,
and we want enlongated diamonds,
the ideal height would be 24".
But the wall is 88" high.
Again keep it SIMPLE.
Make four rows of diamonds, 22" tall.

Enough math!

5.  Get out the tape and your ruler and level.
If you've got a laser level - oh yes, use it.
But a carpenter's level works just as well.

Mark the width and of the diamonds
keeping the points in line and level.

and start taping....
and taping....
and taping.

As I work, I put a piece of blue tape inside the shapes
to remind me where to paint.

6. Cut away the extra tape.

7.  Then grab your paint and GO!

After all that taping,
the painting part goes very fast!
And when you pull off the tape,
you'll be delighted with the result.

For this little girl,
I added her name over her bed, too.



  1. I love diamonds, the stone and the shape, but they have always looked too hard for me to try. After reading your post I might give it a try. You made it look so easy. Is that the Frog Delicate Surface tape on the pink walls? I used it this weekend on a painting project and I was disappointed. I didn't stick very well and I am wondering if it works better on walls than on the furniture I used it on.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Traci - Yes I did use Frog Tape. You make a good point about it not always sticking and here's a tip: use a damp rag to wipe the edges of the tape and it will stay in place. Frog Tape has a sealant on its edges that binds the tape to the wall when you paint. Dampening the edge does the same.

  3. Pretty! I love the tone on tone pink wall, how do you get the iridescent effect?

    1. Hi Anne, The wall color is Sherwin Williams, Pricilla ---and it looks much nicer in person than in the photos! The diamonds were painted with Modern Masters Pink Pearl, a pale pink shimmery paint...that is so 'girly'.


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