Sunday, July 22, 2012

Toy Boxes

When it comes to kids and their stuff,
There's never enough storage.

Toy boxes make terrific gifts. 
 And if they're painted and personalized,
they're even nicer.

These boxes were made by a local cabinet company
 and I had the fun of painting them.
Gracie's box is sweet,
 just like the little one who uses it.

And Francesco's toy box features a clever
alphabet font that has an image
attached to each letter.

If you'd like to use this font for one of your projects,
you can download it here.

I had a template made of Francesco's name,
using the alphabet font,
and painted it with "Rub-and-Buff."

Then, to give the letters a bit of dimension,
the right side of each letter was shaded
with a fine line of Burnt Umber.

This toy chest is also painted very simply.
Each side has a sheer plaid design 
that allows the wood grain to show.

Did you know that they can be purchased in a roll
and every fifth nail head accepts a tack
 that secures it to the wood?
You don't have to nail each one individually! 

Each of these toy chests was given to a baby,
but the chest can be used for years --
and may be passed down to the next generation someday.


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