Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Chair Affair - Part 2 - painting fabric

My naked chairs need covering.

And the hunt for the "right"
fabric began.

It should have been easy to find  a green and white
botanical print,
 maybe with a fern or vine motif --
but it wasn't. 

Every fabric I found was too yellow,
too lime, too olive.....

Nothing harmonized with the other greens in the sun room.

So, I decided to paint my own.

Using a stencil design from Melanie Royals
and simple craft paint,
(very little paint!)
I randomly stenciled a leaf design onto my fabric.

Won't it wear off, you ask?
Honestly, have you ever tried getting paint out of clothing?

This paint is there to stay.
But to be certain, I set it with my steam iron.

Didn't they turn out cute?!

Buttons and cording add a bit of extra color and style. 

....from fab!

I can hardly wait to give them to Mom.
They'll look great in her room,
they will be one of a kind,
something special, just for her.



  1. Wow, I never thought about creating my own fabric. The chairs look lovely.

  2. A chair affair part 2 and painting fabric is shown on the post here. Read all about it


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