Sunday, August 26, 2012

Silver Bath

This was a fairly quiet week.
Many families are taking one last vacation
before school begins,
 so I found I had extra time this week to putter.
But first on my project list was to paint a client's bathroom.
The colorful slate tile was dramatic
and the bowl sink was a very nice.

The wall opposite the vanity was also tiled,
so there was a lot of color and texture in the room.

We're beginning to see a shift in color trends --
from warm beige/brown to cooler shades of grey.
Are you seeing this in your area, too?
The designer chose a neutral grey color for the walls
(Sherwin Williams Perfect Greige)
but she wanted to dress it up a little.
What could I do that would make the walls interesting, 
but wouldn't compete with the bold tile?
We settled on a silver and gold metallic wash.
It kept the grey undertone of the walls,
but gave them a subtle dimension.


Do you notice that the lighting fixture,
 faucet and towel rack are bronze - a warm metallic finish,
and the walls are decidedly cool?
I like the way the two "temperatures" mix.
Things don't have to match to be wonderful.
Often, it's more interesting when they don't.




  1. Sharon this finish is just gorgeous. I have seen a shift to the grey tones but I am not of fan of grey but your wall looks so warm. I am curious, did you do the silver or the gold first?

    1. Hi Traci,
      Like you, I've not been a fan of grey -- but my opinion is quickly changing as I see soft grey being paired with beige, camel and creme to create some very sophisticated rooms.

      In this case, I put the silver and the grey on the wall side by side and blended them with a piece of terry cloth.

      You could put the colors on in layers, and depending which one went on first, the look would be entirely different. If the colors are a bit to bright, they can be glazed with umber (or even black) for an antiqued effect.

      I think what appealed to me in the bath was how the shimmery walls (somewhat glam) play off the rustic slate. Opposites can attract!

  2. Wonderful! I love greige as a neutral (its what I painted our bedroom) but love the sheen of the metallics....


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