Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Power of Words

Today I walked out of church with a friend and her husband
who shared some exciting news. 
They had just sold their home
 and now were looking ahead to the next adventure in their life. 
We chatted about their plans
but what her husband really wanted me to know was this --
the painting I'd done in their kitchen five years ago
 was one of the features that sold the home.
Years ago, Mrs. K chose some Scripture verses
 and asked me to paint them on her walls
 so that each day she would feel inspired and thankful. 

Of course, if I'd known then
that one day I'd be sharing these photos with you,
 I'd have done a better job with the camera.....
and certainly taken my old ladder out of the frame!

Whenever you paint something very specific,
and personal
there's no guarantee that anyone else will appreciate it.
Whether it's a themed nursery, lettering,
or a bold choice of color,
 when it comes time to sell your home,
it's usually best to let it go, and paint it out.
But in this instance, the young family
share Mrs. K's sentiments
 and plan to keep the verses for their own.
Seeing the words on the wall
 confirmed that this was the right home for them.
Isn't that wonderful!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

In the Pines

My clients are creative and clever women!
They think of things
 that would never cross my mind,
and I so enjoy helping bring their ideas to life.


 Miss Gale has a very unique metal sculpture in her kitchen.
It is just one of the lovely features in her home.

She likes how the morning sun
casts a shadow behind the artwork,
and asked me to paint a permanent shadow on the wall,
so it could be enjoyed at all times of the day.
An interesting idea, isn't it?
With the sculpture still on the wall,
I quickly under-painted the morning shadows
before the sun moved and the images changed....
then set about adding dabs of
 purple, green and bronze.
You can see how casually this is painted.  


But the result is effective.
I like how the painting
gives the sculpture added dimension.
Like having a little pine grove on your wall.

 It's a perfect piece of art for someone
who lives in a neighborhood called The Pines.




Sunday, September 16, 2012

Painting the Past - a Child's Table

The table and chairs had been used by
Bob and his sister when they were children. 
Years later, Bob's four children used the table.

And now, those children are married,
with children of their own.

Daughter Amanda asked if she might have the table 
 for her children to enjoy.
This was a table with history!

 I was thrilled to paint this for her.

But what to paint?
And what colors to use?
 I wandered into the paint store for inspiration,

and saw a display of colors designed for children's rooms.
This palette was instantly appealing.
It was perfect.

Gender neutral.
Bold colors.
 (but not the typical primary ones).
And best of all....FUN!

Dark grey paint would be an ideal background
for the bright colors.

And the colorful lids sitting on the counter
helped me decide on a design.
Colorful and overlapping.

Circles are tough to paint free-hand,
so I ordered some templates from vinyl,
small, medium and large.

Paper plates helped with the layout!

Normally, templates make my job easier,
but sometimes that doesn't happen.
Each time I lifted the template,
paint came off, too!

Soon, everything was tidy again.
A few highlights,
... a big, bold knob for little hands to use
......and the set is ready for another generation of fun!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Who's House is this, really?

Tuesday evening we returned from a short trip,
so this week there weren't any major painting projects.
Instead, I tried to catch up on all things domestic,
but at every turn I met with uninvited help.

In the laundry --

As I vacuumed --

While I tried to create some Autumn decor --

Even at the computer, I was thwarted.

There was nothing left to do but PAINT!
 I retreated into the studio,
 leaving the cats to amuse themselves.
Last week I painted a dining room ceiling
and now the medaillion needed to be painted.
This is the wallpaper that will be used in the room. 
I can hardly wait to see it on the walls.
Even though this isn't MY dining room (drat!),
it still is exciting to see it all come together.
I began with red
because it would echo the red in the wallpaper,
then layered it with bronze and brown for depth.

A few highlights of antique gold -
and it's ready to be installed.
At least a little something got accomplished today!
Unless of course, the cats decide to wash the floors for me,
which looks doubtful!


Sunday, September 2, 2012

Birch Tree Nursery

The color Grey is hitting our area -
and while I've never been fond of grey,
I'll admit that my opinion is quickly changing.

Canadian House and Home
Wall color is Sherwin Williams 1005 - Silverado
Canadian House and Home
Wall color is Sherwin Williams 7051 - Analytic Grey
Today's little project was a grey nursery -
with the new crib soon to be delivered,
and yellow/white linens from Pottery Barn.
...A smart look that's appropriate
for a little boy or girl.

The Mom-to-Be shared a photo of her inspiration with me.
She found it on-line at Off-Beat Mamma.
Notice the grey walls again!

But she wanted only a few trees flanking the crib.
And the design looked too stripe-y (is that a word?) for her.
Could the branches be bigger?

So feeling properly inspired, I set to work.
I made a little sketch
and used tape to lay out the tree design.

Before long there was a little grove of birch trees,
and the crib will nestle underneath them.
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