Sunday, September 23, 2012

In the Pines

My clients are creative and clever women!
They think of things
 that would never cross my mind,
and I so enjoy helping bring their ideas to life.


 Miss Gale has a very unique metal sculpture in her kitchen.
It is just one of the lovely features in her home.

She likes how the morning sun
casts a shadow behind the artwork,
and asked me to paint a permanent shadow on the wall,
so it could be enjoyed at all times of the day.
An interesting idea, isn't it?
With the sculpture still on the wall,
I quickly under-painted the morning shadows
before the sun moved and the images changed....
then set about adding dabs of
 purple, green and bronze.
You can see how casually this is painted.  


But the result is effective.
I like how the painting
gives the sculpture added dimension.
Like having a little pine grove on your wall.

 It's a perfect piece of art for someone
who lives in a neighborhood called The Pines.




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