Sunday, September 16, 2012

Painting the Past - a Child's Table

The table and chairs had been used by
Bob and his sister when they were children. 
Years later, Bob's four children used the table.

And now, those children are married,
with children of their own.

Daughter Amanda asked if she might have the table 
 for her children to enjoy.
This was a table with history!

 I was thrilled to paint this for her.

But what to paint?
And what colors to use?
 I wandered into the paint store for inspiration,

and saw a display of colors designed for children's rooms.
This palette was instantly appealing.
It was perfect.

Gender neutral.
Bold colors.
 (but not the typical primary ones).
And best of all....FUN!

Dark grey paint would be an ideal background
for the bright colors.

And the colorful lids sitting on the counter
helped me decide on a design.
Colorful and overlapping.

Circles are tough to paint free-hand,
so I ordered some templates from vinyl,
small, medium and large.

Paper plates helped with the layout!

Normally, templates make my job easier,
but sometimes that doesn't happen.
Each time I lifted the template,
paint came off, too!

Soon, everything was tidy again.
A few highlights,
... a big, bold knob for little hands to use
......and the set is ready for another generation of fun!

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  1. This turned out so cute. I would never have thought of a gray background for all of those kid friendly colors. It is bright with out being overwhelming. Love it. And I noticed the little highlights right away, they add a great touch fo whimsy.


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