Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Power of Words

Today I walked out of church with a friend and her husband
who shared some exciting news. 
They had just sold their home
 and now were looking ahead to the next adventure in their life. 
We chatted about their plans
but what her husband really wanted me to know was this --
the painting I'd done in their kitchen five years ago
 was one of the features that sold the home.
Years ago, Mrs. K chose some Scripture verses
 and asked me to paint them on her walls
 so that each day she would feel inspired and thankful. 

Of course, if I'd known then
that one day I'd be sharing these photos with you,
 I'd have done a better job with the camera.....
and certainly taken my old ladder out of the frame!

Whenever you paint something very specific,
and personal
there's no guarantee that anyone else will appreciate it.
Whether it's a themed nursery, lettering,
or a bold choice of color,
 when it comes time to sell your home,
it's usually best to let it go, and paint it out.
But in this instance, the young family
share Mrs. K's sentiments
 and plan to keep the verses for their own.
Seeing the words on the wall
 confirmed that this was the right home for them.
Isn't that wonderful!

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