Sunday, September 9, 2012

Who's House is this, really?

Tuesday evening we returned from a short trip,
so this week there weren't any major painting projects.
Instead, I tried to catch up on all things domestic,
but at every turn I met with uninvited help.

In the laundry --

As I vacuumed --

While I tried to create some Autumn decor --

Even at the computer, I was thwarted.

There was nothing left to do but PAINT!
 I retreated into the studio,
 leaving the cats to amuse themselves.
Last week I painted a dining room ceiling
and now the medaillion needed to be painted.
This is the wallpaper that will be used in the room. 
I can hardly wait to see it on the walls.
Even though this isn't MY dining room (drat!),
it still is exciting to see it all come together.
I began with red
because it would echo the red in the wallpaper,
then layered it with bronze and brown for depth.

A few highlights of antique gold -
and it's ready to be installed.
At least a little something got accomplished today!
Unless of course, the cats decide to wash the floors for me,
which looks doubtful!


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  1. I know exactly how you feel, there is always a dog trying to tempt me to play rather than clean house. Love the medaillion and it was interesting to see the different colors as you added them.


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