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Books and Art

We are readers. There's nothing more pleasant than sitting in a cozy corner
with a cup of tea and a good book in hand while the fire warms the room. This is where you'll find me
when there's not a paintbrush in my hand.

A while ago, I began building a gallery wall --
not of family photos, tho' that would be nice, too,
but of paintings and prints that appealed to me.

It's nice to surround yourself with things that make you feel content.
My wall is an assortment of sentiment and inspiration.
Some painted by my husband's mother, others by local artists,
one found at an antique shop and one purchased at Home Goods!
Earlier in the year, I found these two paintings at an estate sale.  
It was the last day when prices were so low a person would be silly to resist the impulse to buy.
These two paintings caught my eye.
I knew they'd be a perfect addition to my gallery wall once they were re-framed.

Do you see the difference new matting and the proper frame mak…

Dining Chairs and a Detour About Town

With the holidays approaching, I find more and more opportuntites to paint furniture, as ladies think about freshening their homes for their guests. Miss Nancy dropped off  6 dining chairs  and asked for a slight change in color.

The creamy yellow color fit into her former home, but not her new one. She still enjoys her French Country style,  but now prefers a cooler palette --  less yellow,  more linen and off white.
Panda White (Sherwin Williams)  is a great color for these chairs. A brown glaze was lightly applied for a vintage look.... and now that I look at the photo, I think more is needed!
What a nice surprise! Miss Nancy just sent me a photo of the table and chairs in her kitchen. Ooh-la-la~ _____ There was also time this week for what I call a "creative holiday." This is a day spent seeing the sights in another town; the architecture, the ambiance, chatting with the shopkeepers,  and being inspired by their creative spirit. My friend Sherry and I drove to Holly, where our first st…

Painting More Oak Cabinets - a Black and White kitchen

This week's project is near and dear to my heart --my own kitchen! I've painted many kitchens for my clientsand now it was my turn!

Our kitchen was last remodeled when Golden Oak was the rage.
It was then I learned how passionate men could be about wood.   At the time, I voted for new white kitchen cabinets.
BUT Both Dearly Beloved and the Carpenter (why did he get a vote?)
 were in favor of oak, so oak it was.  Fast forward.  Years pass. Updates and changes were made.  Granite countertops.  Crown molding.Travertine floors.  New hardware. Despite these changes, WE STILL HAD A 1990's KITCHEN.
Here's what it looked like just a few days ago.
Enter the Realtor. (yes, we're thinking of selling...)
Her advice:  Paint the cabinets. It's a small investment, but will help the house sell more quickly and for more $$$.  That did it.  The Realtor was talking in terms Dearly Beloved could relate to. All my blathering about color, the morning light and ambiance, was a forei…