Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dining Chairs and a Detour About Town

With the holidays approaching,
I find more and more opportuntites to paint furniture,
as ladies think about freshening their homes for their guests.
Miss Nancy dropped off  6 dining chairs
 and asked for a slight change in color.

The creamy yellow color fit into her former home,
but not her new one.
She still enjoys her French Country style, 
but now prefers a cooler palette -- 
 less yellow,  more linen and off white.

Panda White (Sherwin Williams)
 is a great color for these chairs. 
A brown glaze was lightly applied
for a vintage look....
and now that I look at the photo,
I think more is needed!

What a nice surprise!
Miss Nancy just sent me a photo
of the table and chairs in her kitchen.
There was also time this week
for what I call a "creative holiday."
This is a day spent seeing the sights in another town;
the architecture, the ambiance,
chatting with the shopkeepers,
 and being inspired by their creative spirit.
My friend Sherry and I drove to Holly,
where our first stop was the 
a cluster of boutiques within a boutique.
via Liora H. of Yelp
The shop is filled with wonderful hand-made items,
from textiles,
to painted furniture,
lovely decor items,
and ceramic ware.

 Everywhere you looked there was a feast for the eyes.
We had a yummy lunch next door
then wandered through
My Sweet Holly,
a charming shop filled to the brim with
enticing designs.

Before we knew it, our little holiday was over ---
but we're already planning the next one!
Maybe we'll be in your town.


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