Sunday, November 18, 2012

What Holiday Are We Celebrating?

Today was a glorious day. 
A bit. 
Though the bright sun and stunning blue sky
made it seem more like a spring day than autumn. 
But what holiday are we celebrating?
A short drive around our neighborhood makes me wonder.
My neighbors are uncertain.

Remnants of Halloween were evident.

Then this evening Christmas arrived.

....and earlier, in our backyard, I found this!

 A plastic Easter Egg.
Most likely it was left over from my neighbor's annual Egg Hunt,
forgotten until now, when an industrious squirrel found it
and carried it into our yard, placing it safely under the pines.
No doubt  this bright blue treasure would make him the envy of the squirel community.
Surely this colossal 'nut' will sustain him throughout the winter.
Won't he be surprised!

So no matter what holiday you are celebrating,
take time to count your blessings.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 12, 2012

More Powder Rooms

What's the one room clients
 want to spruce up for the holidays?
The powder room.

Sometimes, it's casually elegant,
with rich gold and bronze hues. 
Othertimes, it's more casual,
with a soft, aged patina on the walls.

And often, it's over-the-top
with twinkling Swarovski crystals added to the design. 

Any plans for your powder room this fall season?

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Nursery Furniture Painted Silver

We want this.
Restoration Hardware
 But we have this.

Our furniture is too nice to replace,
but it's not as stylish as we'd like.
This was the problem facing a young couple
who wanted to use some family pieces of furniture
in their baby's nursery.
The Mom-to-Be wanted me to paint the furniture metallic,
similar to the photos she admired at Restoration Hardware,
but not as dark....more like a taupey-champagne.
Several color samples later, we settled on this.
Tip:  Update your furniture with paint,
first make certain it's well-made
and worth your time and effort.
This furniture was well made:
two bookcases, a large dresser and a cedar chest.
Their classic lines will never go out of style,
but the orange color of the wood
and the heavy hardware certainly did.

Fortunately those are two things that can be changed.

Sherwin Williams #7039 and Modern Masters Warm Silver
Tip:  Update your furniture by giving it a new purpose. 
Remove doors to turn a tall cabinet into a bookcase.
Use a dining room hutch for linen storage.
Elevate a cabinet by adding legs.
You get the idea....
The upper doors from the bookcases were taken off
so that the shelves can be used for display.
But, I also painted the doors to match
just in case they're needed again someday.

Tip:  Update your furniture with new knobs.
A simple change of hardware will breathe
new life into your furniture.
Tomorrow evening I'll deliver the furniture.
I know the crib will be antique silver.,
most likely this one. 
Bratt Designs
But I wonder what fabrics have be chosen
for the linens and drapery....
and what knobs will go on the furniture?

A December update: 
Hardware has been added.
The walls are painted charcoal metallic.
The angel wings are from Restoration Hardware.
And soon I'll letter a special prayer between the wings,
a blessing for a baby arriving on Dec. 26th.
More later.
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