Sunday, November 18, 2012

What Holiday Are We Celebrating?

Today was a glorious day. 
A bit. 
Though the bright sun and stunning blue sky
made it seem more like a spring day than autumn. 
But what holiday are we celebrating?
A short drive around our neighborhood makes me wonder.
My neighbors are uncertain.

Remnants of Halloween were evident.

Then this evening Christmas arrived.

....and earlier, in our backyard, I found this!

 A plastic Easter Egg.
Most likely it was left over from my neighbor's annual Egg Hunt,
forgotten until now, when an industrious squirrel found it
and carried it into our yard, placing it safely under the pines.
No doubt  this bright blue treasure would make him the envy of the squirel community.
Surely this colossal 'nut' will sustain him throughout the winter.
Won't he be surprised!

So no matter what holiday you are celebrating,
take time to count your blessings.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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