Sunday, December 16, 2012

Kitchen Table and Chairs - an update

Often, I don't see the finished projects I work on.
After I leave, the draperies are hung
and the furniture comes into the room.
All the pretty accessories are arranged
and I never see any of this!   
So it's a treat when a thoughtful client
like Miss Nancy,
 sends me a photo, such as this one. 

I refreshed her dining set in October.
The table and chairs are from Ethan Allan,
still wonderful,  as classic, well-made furniture remains.
 While the wooden top was being refinished,
 I repainted the chairs and table,
changing the color from 
pale yellow to creamy white.
Here they are ready for their make-over

 the Pineapple, a symbol of hosptality


 cooler, fresher color with cleaner lines.

And here is the reveal!
A welcoming kitchen 
where family and friends will happily linger.



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