Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Past and the Present: A Wine Cellar Mural

People often ask me,
 "Have you always been artistic?"
Just for fun, let me share on of my early drawings with you
and then my most recent one.
When we were little,
 Mom would stretch a piece of white cotton fabric
across her breadboard and tack it in place
so we would have a nice, solid surface to color on.
Just like real artist's canvas!
The drawing is of our long-ago church.
I colored the picture when I was four
and Mom saved it for me all these years.

It brought back memories of Sunday School songs
 and my friend Lynnie's yellow patent leather shoes.
(even then I loved pretty shoes!)
Curious about the church, I went on-line
and found this photo taken a few years ago.
The city neighborhood has changed,
and today the church serves a new denomination,
but the building is still least to me!
© 2007 by Karl R. Josker
Fast forward.
Yes, I'm still drawing and painting,
 more like dabbling, I guess,
 and  I consider myself blessed
when friends and clients ask me to paint for them. 
This week's project was a mural for a wine-tasting room.
Each panel measures 4 x 5 feet and is painted on canvas.   
Eighteen hours later,
after several pots of tea and a little wine,
the panels are ready to leave the workroom.....

 ........and go the client's home.
The wine room is still under construction,
so we'll have to wait for the complete reveal,
but perhaps these photos will give you a sense of the space.
One panel was cut in half and hung in two small niches 
 flanked by the wine racks.
The other two panels are part of a plush seating area
snugged against a bay window hung with stained glass.
Very cosy and intimate.
I met the homeowner for the first time
on the day I was hanging her murals,
and was delighted to hear her squeal of delight
and see her smile when she walked into the room.
I'm just a small part of this huge project, 
but with everything covered in plastic and so much yet to be done,
seeing the completed paintings let her imagine
what the room will soon become.


  1. Absolutely beautiful!! I expected nothing less. Your work is beautiful...


Thank you so much for taking the time to write. I enjoy hearing from you!

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