Sunday, December 30, 2012

Designing a Curved Wall

This little table was as cute as can be,
but the color needed to be changed to fit the client's home.
So the green disappeared and in its place
a creamy white color was applied
curtesy of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. 
This was my first time to play with the chalk paint,
and it worked beautifully for this quick little project.
I know...I know...
I'm slow to hop on the chalk paint band-wagon!

The paint seems easy to work with
 and I can see that it would be good to use
for some of my very chippy, distressed projects.

It dries quickly, is easily be sanded,
and requires a protective wax to stabilize it.
Great fun!
The table was part of a hallway
 leading to client's Theater Room and Family Room.

Until now it was dead space.

But the designer had an idea to make the spot tie into
the large family room that lay ahead.

The plain curved wall was first loosely painted
 to give the impression of stone,
then finished with an impressive metal light fixture
and two Bergere chairs.

Foliage, twigs and berries were arranged in a rustic planter.
It softened the hard surfaces and brought a bit of color into the area.
Presto!.. a non-descript corner turned into a very cozy spot.

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