Sunday, March 25, 2012

Antique Gold Nursery

It's a fact of life -- children grow!

Two years ago
I worked on this luxurious nursery
designed by my friend and colleague, Mary Grace.
You always can rely on her to create an elegant room
with miles of silk fabric.

Well, the little one is now ready
to move into his 'big-boy' room,
so the nursery will be retired least for now. 

But before I show you his new room,
let's enjoy this one.

The color palette was gold and champagne,
inspired by the color of the crib.

I painted the walls with Sherwin Williams 'Blonde,'
then tickled the walls with bronze and gold glaze.
The stencil pattern is from Royal Design Studio.

Since we wanted the look of faded wallpaper,
the design didn't have to be applied perfectly.
I used a 4" roller lightly skipped over the stencil
to get just the right look.

The design is soft, fading in and out
as it shimmers in the light. 

...And now we begin the new bedroom
 with very grown-up furniture,
some vintage car prints,
and mens-wear inspired herringbone bedding
(bought at Kohls!)

What will the walls look like?
Wait and see.


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Can an Orange be a Plum?

Today's little project came from Stacy,
an interior designer
with whom I work from time to time. 

She wanted to use this painting in the reception area
of her client's office.... 
but the Orange would have to go. 

Could I change it to Plum?

Knowing that once I touched the canvas
 there'd be no turning back,
 I took the plunge hesitantly....

But it turned out well!

And here's why Stacy is the designer and I'm the painter.

These two paintings will be in the same space.
Different styles, but now united by color.

Stacey excels at mixing modern and traditional style
to create stunningly artistic rooms.

I'd never think to put these two paintings
in the same room - even if they were on different walls!

But Stacy has a great eye for design
and I'm always inspired by her work.


Sunday, March 11, 2012

It's Just Paint

It's just Paint. 
I've said that many times to myself
when I fuss over painting something.
Relax.  Enjoy the process. 
You don't have to solve world hunger,
bring peace to the planet
or balance the national budget. 
It's just paint. 

I'm simply happy to be two hands doing for others
what they cannot do for themselves. 
 They have the idea; 
I listen and do my best to bring their idea to life.
When the telephone rings,
I never know what the request will be. 
Yes, there are oddities.
Like the fellow who wanted
a wizard painted on his dining room wall.
And, no, I won't be sharing any photos of that project! 
Or the man who wanted me to paint
Michelangelo's 'Creation of Adam '
with his likeness, and he'd gladly pose for me. 
 No Thank You...really...No.

There are clever and unique things people ask me to paint.
Like paint a basketball court on the floor of a boy's bedroom.

Or cute little wine glasses with lighthouses.

But every now and again,
there are those projects that take you by surprise
like the one this week.  

I was asked to paint a teddy bear
for a baby's first birthday....

...a birthday that will never come
because this precious child
lived only briefly on this earth,
yet lives forever with Jesus.

So his Mom and I talked about what she'd like -
a large teddy painted on wood,
with a bow tie
and her baby's name on the banner.

I suspect she'll place it in the cemetery on his birthday
 -- and each year thereafter.

I'm humbled to do this for her.

That's when I realize it's more than just paint
It can bring a little peace,
a little healing,
a little comfort.

"I prayed for this child and the Lord granted me what I asked of Him,
so now I give him to the Lord -"   1 Samuel 1:27-28

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Paint Perfect

The ability of paint to transform
a space never fails to amaze and, yes, even thrill me.

Need some proof?
Here are a few before and afters to illustrate.

Even without accessories,
layers of olive and terra cotta
make a dramatic statement in this powder room.

And while this den had all the 'right stuff',
until the walls were painted,
the room didn't meet its potential. 

   Even though this kitchen kept its neutral color palette,
texture and paint made the walls more interesting.

And ceilings benefit from some color, too!

What will you be painting?

Oh, the blue cabinet from last week has a new home,
and is being delivered this weekend....
which gives me more room in the workshop!
Let's go find some more furniture to play with.

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