Sunday, January 6, 2013

A mouse in the house

I enjoy offering my clients a little something extra.
It's just my way of letting them know that I value their business
and appreciate the trust they show
when they let me play with paint at their house!

Last week I showed you a painted stone wall,

But, what I didn't show you the surprise I gave the homeowner.
A Mouse. 

Well, actually two mice and a few dragonflies.
These were painted on canvas.
Once they have waxy-glue on their backs,
they become repositionable decals.
You can move them from place to place without any damage to the wall.
The homeowner was tickled
and immediately put the mouse on the baseboard at the end of the hallway.
Would the children notice it?
You bet-cha!
But the kids thought they were painted directly on the wall.
Imagine their surprise when then next day, the mouse had moved!
 The kids soon caught on and now it's become a family game.
Who can find the mice today?



1 comment:

  1. That is so sweet. I painted a mouse and a mouse hole in my kids bathroom years ago and they loved it. It was positioned so that you only saw it when you were looking in the mirror.
    I like the idea of making them repositionable.
    Great idea.


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