Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Tween's Bedroom and Bath

A sweet ten-year old wants a bedroom
 that will take her though her teen years in style.
Nothing childish for her, 
 she wanted a  bit of glam and some sparkle, please.
The bed coverings and pillows had already been purchased,
so they became the inspiration for her new room.

The bird pillow on the bed made me think of using 
 a silhouette design of birds and branches on the wall.
Nothing bold, just soft and shimmery.

This is what I painted for her this week.

 The room began as a blank canvas -- white walls, white furniture and white floor.  
See the boxed molding over the bed? 
This is where sparkly sheer drapery will hang.

Step 1:   Let's paint the wall behind the bed.
Sherwin William #6219 -Rain closely matched the bed covering.

Step 2:  Paint the design.
This is a chinoiserie style design.
I purchased the template on the internet from OMG Stencils. 
The pattern echoes the bright pillow design on the bed
but I used Silver and Pearl paint for the wall.

Step 3:  Just for  FUN !!
 Sprinkle hundreds of Swarovski Crystals throughout the design.
 I added them to the floral centers in clusters of two and three.
They absolutely twinkle.
But don't photograph well at all!
Continuing with the fun, I moved into the young girl's bathroom
and scattered some retro flowers around the room.
The iridescent tile was the inspiration here --
and as you can see, she is in the purple and pink phase of life!

Such a fun space!

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