Sunday, February 3, 2013

Bathrooms: Is it Wallpaper, or Paint?

We're in the midst of a bathroom renovation at our home,
and the change is exciting. 

Here's Mac the Cat inserting himself
into every "Before" photo I took as the project started. 
I'll share photos when the room is compete,
but my bathroom won't be as 'designed'
as my client's rooms are.


I'm editing. 
~ on a decorating diet, knowing that less can be more. 

We'll see.
This must be the season for bathroom make-overs
  because I've been involved with a quite a few recently.
This beauty is a luxurious bath in a young couple's first home. 
It's stunning with silky drapery looking like ball-gowns,
and a vintage-style tub.

The plain golden color on the wall was nice,
but it needed a little something extra to give it depth.

Painting an aged wallpaper effect
with a small scale design and some antique bronze glaze
was the perfect choice.
Soft.  Subtle.  Sublime.

And here's a peek at another bath
belonging to my friend Sherry.  
After months of hard work and some very big challenges,
 she is getting close to enjoying this elegant room.

But what do you do when the perfect wallpaper you had your heart set upon
has been discontinued?
You paint it.

Because nothing else will do.

Sherry asked if I could replicate the design,
she volunteered to work on the walls with me!

 I worked up a sample based on the wallpaper she gave me.

Grey-green, but not too.
Beige, with warm undertone, but not yellow.

Once the colors were just right,
we jumped in and did painted it together!
The room turned out beautifully,
and I'm so happy for my friend.

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