Sunday, February 10, 2013

Silver Nursery Revisited


Luxury bedding by Mary Grace of Baby Bellagio
Not long ago I painted some furniture for a baby's nursery.
You can see some of it peeking out from behind the crib.

The project began with well made, but dated furniture.
The orangish wood tones just didn't fit into the plan.
Some silver paint gave the furniture fresh outlook on life.
In fact, family and friends can't believe it's the same furniture.
Ahh...the magic of paint!
Doesn't any furniture look better with a little sparkle?

The homeowner painted the walls deep charcoal
using Martha Stewart Precious Metal paint from Home Depot.

He did a great job.

Metallic paint isn't the easiest to work with
because it's so unforgiving.
Every brush and roller mark wants to show.


Today I was invited to letter a prayer on the wall, 
nestling the words between the angel wings. 
The prayer has special meaning for this new Mom,
because she learned it as a child. 

The words are difficult to read in the photo,
not only because they are painted gently in shades of
silver and champagne,

...but because they're written in Albanian.


What a treat for me to see the room furnished! 


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