Sunday, March 17, 2013

Den Re-Do

 Miss A painted her den the color of cinnamon
then filled the room with soft leather sofas and antiques. 

But she wasn't quite content.  
Could I somehow lighten up the walls without changing the color?

Not an easy request!!
Finally I had a suggestion that would be
dramatic, lighten up the room while keeping the orange color.
Let's add a pattern to the walls.

 I chose the Mooish Trellis template from Royal Design Studio.
The pattern remains popular because it's so versatile.
It's a bit exotic but s in tune with today's trend for clean-edged geometric design.

The pattern was painted with Restrained Gold by Sherwin William.
It took about 8 hours to do the entire room,
 with the corners being the most challenging.
They always are!
With navy blue sofas and orange walls,
 this room is a great example of a complementary color scheme.
Blue and Orange are opposite one another on the color wheel,
These dramatic combinations are called complementary.
Red - Green
are two other complementary color pairs.
If you'd like to bring a bold design to your wall,
but hesitate to paint an entire room,
 you may want to create an accent wall.
The wall behind a bed makes a perfect spot.
Here's the same design in a neutral palette.
This lovely space painted by Michelle from Home Decor Budgetista.
Do you feel inspired?

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