Sunday, March 3, 2013

Plastered in the Shade

Inspiration comes from a variety of places
and sometimes months pass before I act on an idea.
Is it laziness??
...maybe, but often it's simply waiting for the right opportunity.
That happened this week, when two plain-jane lampshades
in one of our own bedrooms begged to be dressed up.
I'd seen a friend's artsy lampshade. 
It was both plastered and painted -- something I do all the time on walls.
Why not give it a try? 
So I began with a hard backed lampshade,
and reached for some white plaster.
What did I use?
White Venetian Plaster.
Home Depot and Lowes carries a similar product.

The entire shade was covered with two thin layers of plaster,
and left to dry overnight.
Then, with large, swooping strokes  I painted some random scrolls.
Nothing planned, or precise.

More plaster was skimmed on,
because it's more interesting when the design fades in and out.  

The challenge was to make the two shades look the same -----but different!

I glued some flat braided trim was glued onto the edges of the shade.
It gives a finished look and hides any rought edges.


And the shades were ready to go back onto the lamps.


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