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Posh Nurseries

It's always fun to work on baby's rooms, especially when designer Mary Grace of Baby Bellagio is in charge. The furniture is from Bratt D├ęcor,   and the fabrics are always pure Mary Grace   .... lavish and lush. With the crib's scroll design as inspiration,  I painted each wall with a shimmering gold motif.
Every room I've helped with is equally extravagant, fit for a prince or princess!  Here are two more Mary Grace designs. 


Chic Sheep


What do you do when you find the perfect painting,
but its size is too small?

That problem was faced last week
when Miss Sue found a charming sheep portrait.

Last season the cow I painted for a mutual friend
 sparked Sue's imagination and she wanted her own beast-y.

While I was happy to paint one for her,
I knew that my style wouldn't be quite right for Sue's home.

She needed  Bold  -  Bright  - Artsy

... I'd seen just the thing for her at a local antique shop.
So, off we went.

Who could resist this sweet face and soft eyes?
It was love at first sight.
And Eunice (Ewe-nis) came home.

But the 20"x20" size wasn't quite right.
Larger would be better.

Eunice is painted on a piece of distressed plywood.
Because the painting is folk-art and rustic,
I decided to mount it on a simple black board.
No frame. 
No fancy moldings.
Just a plain 5" border around her face.

I found a piece of board in the studio and painted it black..
With a dollo…

Chair Design

Spring is almost here -- and we gals are eager to spruce up our homes. Sometimes just a small tweak of color will make us happy. What can you do with a plain desk chair? Plenty, if you are a painter for MacKenzie-Childs. Which I'm not! But oh, I do love to look at their designs. So does my client. She shared this catalogue photo with me, and asked that I paint her kitchen chair in a similar style. But not soooooo much pattern, she cautioned. Keep it simple! Doesn't the chair look nice at her desk? At the same time,  I changed her GREEN breakfast chair to dusty BLUE,
a color that goes well with her collection of Deruta pottery.  I'm always delighted
by the way a little paint can change things,
and give us a fresh outlook!