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A Master Make-over

There's lot of furniture painting going on! This week I had the pleasure of being part of a master bedroom re-design.
The room went through a major change
--- from Old World to Island Chic.



My friend and drapery designer, Sherry, chose lovely fabrics
 in shades of sea-glass and sunshine for the
drapery, pillows and bed-covers.
I freshened up the furniture. Made by Bernhardt,
the furniture was well worth the time and effort to paint. It was pickled oak, but over the years  the varnish has yellowed. I would paint it a soft white (SW Panda White) and add a bit of brown lining for definition.
Usually I paint furniture in the workshop. But this time the pieces were too large to move easily, so the client asked me to paint on site. Oh my! With drop cloths in place, I carefully began working on the cabinets.
Because the furniture had classic, clean lines
I was concerned that once the armoire would look like a refrigerator
once it was painted white.

Painting a design on the door panels would …

Silver Bassinet

A dear friend will soon become a first-time-grandmother
when her son and lovely daughter-in-law have their baby in June.
Seems like only yesterday he was giving his mother fits
with his crazy, dare-devil feats like jumping off the roof into the swimming pool
with his younger brother in tow.

"I hope someday you have a son just like you!" she would caution.
....and now he will.
With the baby's arrival quickly approaching, I wanted to find a special gift,
but didn't know what.  Then something wonderful appeared in a most unexpected place......a yard sale!    I simply couldn't resist this wicker bassinet.
Could you? Driving home with my treasure, I had second thoughts. Does anyone use a bassinet any more? Would the new parents even want one?
Is it hopelessly démodé?

So I asked the Daddy-to-be what he thought.
When he told me they wanted the baby to sleep in their bedroom
but didn't have a cradle yet......

  I knew this would be perfect.
Painting the bassinet Antique Silv…

Bathrooms: working with what you have

This week I painted for client who wanted to update her bathroom.
Down came the wallpaper. 
Could I help her choose new color for the room,  and do some decorative painting on the walls?
All the hard surfaces in the room were beige.
Beige bathtub, beige toilet, beige sink and beige floor tile.
With all that neutral color,
you'd think it would be easy to choose a new paint color for the room.
But no.....  The beige had  PINKY-PEACH  undertones. So I had to select very carefully.
The floor tile and the pickled cabinets had a whisper of taupe, so I reached for an old friend. Benjamin Moore Edgewood Grey (HC  173) to the rescue!

It magically de-emphasized the rosy undertones of the tile,
and gave the room a more sophisticated, neutral appearance.
The ceiling was painted the same color as the walls,
and the trim was painted an off white.
Sherwin Willams Snowbound  (#7004) was perfect. Then I got to work
painting a faded faded damask effect that looks a lot like......wait for it!

When you ar…