Sunday, May 19, 2013

Silver Bassinet

A dear friend will soon become a first-time-grandmother
when her son and lovely daughter-in-law have their baby in June.

Seems like only yesterday he was giving his mother fits
with his crazy, dare-devil feats like jumping off the roof into the swimming pool
with his younger brother in tow.

"I hope someday you have a son just like you!" she would caution.
....and now he will.
With the baby's arrival quickly approaching, I wanted to find a special gift,
but didn't know what. 
Then something wonderful appeared in a most unexpected place......a yard sale!  
 I simply couldn't resist this wicker bassinet.
Could you?
Driving home with my treasure, I had second thoughts.
Does anyone use a bassinet any more?
Would the new parents even want one? 
Is it hopelessly démodé?

So I asked the Daddy-to-be what he thought.
When he told me they wanted the baby to sleep in their bedroom
but didn't have a cradle yet......

  I knew this would be perfect.
Painting the bassinet Antique Silver was an easy decision.
The color is gender neutral and very stylish.

Armed with two cans of spray paint and a lovely spring day,
the bassinet was painted in less than a hour.

Oil Rubbed Bronze and Antique Nickle Spray Paint

I turned to the internet to find bedding
because there wasn't enough time to sew my own. 
That's when I saw the same bassinet at Pottery Barn Kids.....
and learned what a great bargain I'd found. 

Ultimately I purchased some black and white toile bedding,
then carried the bassinet outside to snap a photo in the garden.

Don't you love seeing the fruit trees are in full flower?
Truly, this is my favorite time of the year.

Back inside, I added some netting and a bow,
getting it ready for delivery on Saturday.


Now, we wait for the "guest of honor" to arrive.




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  1. For sure you are the Godfairy to this child! What a beautiful bassinet! Once again, bravo!


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