Monday, May 13, 2013

Bathrooms: working with what you have

This week I painted for client who wanted to update her bathroom. 
Down came the wallpaper. 

Could I help her choose new color for the room,
 and do some decorative painting on the walls?

All the hard surfaces in the room were beige.
Beige bathtub, beige toilet, beige sink and beige floor tile.

With all that neutral color,
you'd think it would be easy to choose a new paint color for the room.
But no..... 
The beige had   PINKY-PEACH  undertones.
So I had to select very carefully.

The floor tile and the pickled cabinets had a whisper of taupe,
so I reached for an old friend.
Benjamin Moore Edgewood Grey (HC  173) to the rescue!  

It magically de-emphasized the rosy undertones of the tile,
and gave the room a more sophisticated, neutral appearance.
The ceiling was painted the same color as the walls,
and the trim was painted an off white. 
 Sherwin Willams Snowbound  (#7004) was perfect.
Then I got to work
painting a faded faded damask effect that looks a lot like......wait for it!


When you are picking a color for your walls,
it's REALLY important to look at the undertones of the
permanent fixtures in that room.

You may have beige tile with rosy undertones like my client.

        Benjamin Moore's Edgecomb Grey may work well for you, too.

Another complimentary color is  Benjamin Moore Shaker Beige HC 45.

Perhaps sometime soon we should talk about how to choose a paint color.
So many of us have spring fever - decorating fever, that is ---
but we don't want to make a mistake in choosing color.

Would that be helpful to you?

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  1. This is so true. I find that people don't see the undertones like I do and I wonder if it is like being color blind. I see the green or pink undertone like it is screaming at me and they see only beige.
    These are great color suggestions, thanks so much for sharing.


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