Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Master Make-over

There's lot of furniture painting going on!
This week I had the pleasure of being part of a master bedroom re-design.

The room went through a major change
--- from Old World to Island Chic.



My friend and drapery designer, Sherry, chose lovely fabrics
 in shades of sea-glass and sunshine for the
drapery, pillows and bed-covers.
I freshened up the furniture.
Made by Bernhardt,
the furniture was well worth the time and effort to paint.
It was pickled oak, but over the years
 the varnish has yellowed.
I would paint it a soft white (SW Panda White)
and add a bit of brown lining for definition.

Usually I paint furniture in the workshop.
But this time the pieces were too large to move easily,
so the client asked me to paint on site.
Oh my!
With drop cloths in place, I carefully began working on the cabinets.

Because the furniture had classic, clean lines
I was concerned that once the armoire would look like a refrigerator
once it was painted white.

Painting a design on the door panels would fix that,
but what design to use?
Inspiration comes from a tissue box.
Hmmm....this trellis design could work.....
Let's paint it in green to coordinate with the fabrics.,
So here we go:

Draw the design on to some transparency film
and lightly trace it onto the doors.

Begin in the center and work to the edges to balance the design.
Keep things level!

This the paint with water and fill in the design,
not fussing about brush marks and variation in color.

With the same watered-down paint,
highlight the perimeter of the pane.
New hardware will be the final touch for the furniture facelift,
and in a few weeks the entire room will be transformed.
Let's look again at how things turned out.

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