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Detour into the Cemetery

My favorite project this week didn't involve paint brushes,
--instead, it involved scrub brushes.
Yes, I admit to having a quirky passion for cemeteries.
I'm a cemetery walker,
and it's a shame to see time take it's toll on the old gravestones.
So when the opportunity came to learn about restoring these stones,
I jumped at the chance.

In sweltering 90 degree heat a group of enthusiasts gathered at a local cemetery to learn about tombstone cleaning and restoration. Expert, Mark Moran of Gravestone Guardians, led the day-long seminar.
It was dirty. It was sweaty.
It was fun.

Each of us was assigned a tombstone and we dug in -- pardon the pun. 
 Our stone was broken, but before it could be put back together, it had to be cleaned, and the base needed unearthed and re-set on level ground. 

We dug.

We cleaned.
We reset the base.

We repaired.
We filled. Every site was unique, requiring care and thought. 
The ladies working next to me determined their stone
was buried beneath 125 years of se…

When WHITE isn't WHITE

Our guest bath recently got a make-over.
The bath, with its olive-green tile and dark Jacobean wallpaper, is now an oasis of white, cream and beige.

What was the most difficult part of the project?
For me, it was choosing the wall paint!
Imagine that!  Despite all I know about color, 
despite all the recommendations for clients,
 despite painting mountains of furniture,
I couldn't find the right WHITE paint for my own bathroom! Why?
Let's chat ......

If you've ever looked at a room and thought "something is off" it may be that the undertones fighting each other.
Neutral colors are funny creatures. They are the chameleons of the paint world. These are complex mixtures where no one color predominates, and depending on lighting and surrounding colors, they can take on a life of their own.
You may not see the underlying color at first, but it's lurking. Here's my recent experience: We began with ANTIQUE WHITE subway tile for the bath.
To my eye, the tile was soft whit…

A Church Mural

It's always fun to paint for kids -- their enthusiasm is contagious! So when one of the pastors at our church asked if I could help kick off a mural project, I was glad to help. The plan is to paint the hallways, foyer and classrooms in the Children's Wing.   Whew! That's a lot of space.  I chose a hallway and began painting.  Here it is - beginning to end in three days thanks to a system by CREATIVE FOR KIDS. It was easy.  It was fun. Can't beat that! We purchased the Forest Background Mural Kit. There were five pages of designs for trees, clouds and rocks and instructions on how to build your scene, beginning with the sky and grass.

Each element is color coded with paints from Sherwin Williams.  So it's a foolproof, paint by the number mural!  

The creative part is how you build your scene. You decide where the trees and shrubs should go - and how many to use. I placed the elements based on the size of our space and began filling it in.
The finishing touch is ou…