Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Church Mural

It's always fun to paint for kids -- their enthusiasm is contagious!
So when one of the pastors at our church asked if I could help kick off a mural project,
I was glad to help.
The plan is to paint the hallways, foyer and classrooms in the Children's Wing.  
Whew! That's a lot of space.
 I chose a hallway and began painting. 
Here it is - beginning to end in three days
thanks to a system by CREATIVE FOR KIDS.
It was easy.  It was fun.
Can't beat that!
We purchased the Forest Background Mural Kit.
There were five pages of designs for trees, clouds and rocks
and instructions on how to build your scene, beginning with the sky and grass.

Each element is color coded with paints from Sherwin Williams. 
So it's a foolproof, paint by the number mural!  

The creative part is how you build your scene.
You decide where the trees and shrubs should go -
and how many to use.
I placed the elements based on the size of our space
and began filling it in.

The finishing touch is outlining the elements with a paint marker.
That really makes things POP!
Then there's the fun part....
the animals!
They are decals that you peel and stick into the scene.
The website offers many to choose from.
Look how perfectly matched the animals and the background painting are!
It's rather "Disney-esque" don't you think? 
This approach to creating children's murals is very easy for the DIY-er.
I'm looking forward to working with a team of volunteers
to complete the rest of the Children's Wing,
knowing that novice and experienced painters will have fun with this project.
 CREATIVE FOR KIDS offers a variety of themes  -
Jungle Safari, Ocean, Clubhouse, Factory as well as  Biblical,
so there's something wonderful for every child to enjoy!
......and no, Creative for Kids didn't ask me to recommend them.
I'm just very happy with their product and wanted to share!


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  1. Couldn't wait to see how this was turning out. It is wonderful. How wonderful that you are using the talents God has blessed you with to bless the children of the church!!!


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