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An Enchanted Bedroom

Janineis creative, talented and energetic.... a winning combination that has blossomed into a successful business of children's clothing and accessories.    She's getting ready for her holiday trunk showing,
and it's adorable.

If you have little ones, or need a gift for one,
you'll enjoy visiting Janine at Pigtails and Pearls
to see all her wonderful creations.

Who could resist these sweethearts!

I had the pleasure of helping Janine put the finishing touches  on an Enchanted Bedroom for the youngest of her three girls. When I first saw the room, it looked lovely....
more like a stylish guest room
than a "big-girl" bedroom for a two year old.

What could I possibly add to it?

But Janine had a vision, and the client is always right!   She wanted an Enchanted Room,
 one with a big ol' gnarled tree filling one wall, and a frog prince perched on a mushroom.
 School was out the day I painted, so I had company while I worked.  One of the girls drew a castle for the frog-prin…

3 Great Silvers

As cooler color palettes are becoming increasingly popular, many of my clients are asking for their furniture to be painted silver. Shelter magazines and catalogues have us drooling over stunning rooms that glow with a mellow silver shimmer. Oh yes, we want this!

And this, too, please! 

But like any color, silver has a variety of tones. 
 And getting it right is important.  It's not a one-size-fits-all color.
Let me share with you a recent MISTAKE I made. Earlier this year, I painted a small game table for a client.

She wanted her table to resemble a distressed silver table seen in a local shop. So I painted her table just like the one we saw,
with the silver paint sanded back to reveal both black and wood.

Here's what I did.
Initially the table looked nice in her taupe, brown and black family room. BUT, a single fabric choice made the table look all WRONG! The black fabric had a birds-eye fleck of gold. When the chairs and accessories arrived, the table looked out of place in the…

An Easy Way to Create an Antique Mirror

Some of you may recall those gold veined mirror tiles from the 1970's.

Either you installed them in your home,
and thought they were wa-a-a-ay cool,
 you later purchased that home
and couldn't wait to tear them off the wall!

Well, they're back.
Sort of.

This time, the mirrors are antiqued, giving a vintage look,
that somehow seems more interesting and fresh. A few years ago, I experimented with the patina process by adding mirrors to the cabinet doors in my laundry.

It was a messy, stinky project. Since then, I've done mirrors for client's homes and several restaurants.
BUT  It remains a messy, stinky project. I decided to find a better faster and easier way.
I had a can of KRYLON LOOKING GLASS on the shelf.
that was used to create some Mercury Glass.

Could I use it to make an antique mirror?

This is so easy and the results (to me) are as effective as using chemical patina solutions.

1. Use clean, dry glass. 
Spray glass with a vinegar + water solution

2. …

4 Tips for Better Furniture Painting

  People often ask what my favorite project is.  And my answer is always the same, "The one I just finished!"  I love that "ahh-h-h moment" when I step back to see how things turned out and feel a sense of satisfaction. These pieces were completed this afternoon and will be delivered tomorrow.  But they didn't always look so cute! 

They came to me like this,

and brought their friend, a dresser, with them.

This is well-made Drexel furniture in a style often called French Provincial,   because of its curvy lines and delicate legs.  Made of solid wood, this furniture was well worth the effort of repainting and repurposing.
In the end it looked like this, but getting there took a bit of finesse.

What colors did I use?

I know that many of you enjoy painting furniture, and  many more of you want to join in the fun.
May I share a few furniture painting tips with you?
These are a few things I do automatically.  I hope they will help speed you along with your proje…