Sunday, November 17, 2013

3 Great Silvers

As cooler color palettes are becoming increasingly popular,
many of my clients are asking for their furniture to be painted silver.
Shelter magazines and catalogues have us drooling
over stunning rooms that glow with a mellow silver shimmer.
Oh yes, we want this! 


And this, too, please! 


But like any color, silver has a variety of tones. 
 And getting it right is important.  It's not a one-size-fits-all color.

Let me share with you a recent MISTAKE I made.
Earlier this year, I painted a small game table for a client.

She wanted her table to resemble a distressed silver table seen in a local shop.
So I painted her table just like the one we saw,
with the silver paint sanded back to reveal both black and wood.

Here's what I did.
Initially the table looked nice in her taupe, brown and black family room.
a single fabric choice made the table look all WRONG!
The black fabric had a birds-eye fleck of gold.
When the chairs and accessories arrived,
the table looked out of place in the room.
Why didn't I snap a photo of this?
....guess I was too surprised and trying to figure out what to do!
To fix the problem, I chose another silver,
one that had a warmer tone.
I brushed it over the entire surface.
and highlighted the trim with a little bit of Gold Rub -n- Buff.

Now, it looks much better.

If you're thinking SILVER,
may I share 3 terrific ones with you?

1. MARTHA STEWART Thundercloud -- a deep pewter grey
2.  MODERN MASTERS  Warm Silver -- works well with gold
3. FAUX EFFECTS Charred Silver -- a mid-grey works well with taupe and beige

The fun begins when you start layering colors.
By nature metallic paints tend to be sheer. 
Use that to your advantage by first painting with a base color,
then brushing on the metallic.
It will give you depth and complexity.
The example on the left side of the photo began with Warm Silver
that was then washed in grey.
The right side began with BLACK, then brushed with silver for a distressed effect.

There are so many lovely metallic colors out there,
and so many possibilities.

Experiment, and have fun with the paint.
I know your furniture will look lovely!


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