Sunday, November 24, 2013

An Enchanted Bedroom

 Janine is creative, talented and energetic....
a winning combination that has blossomed into a successful business
of children's clothing and accessories.  
 She's getting ready for her holiday trunk showing,
and it's adorable.

If you have little ones, or need a gift for one,
you'll enjoy visiting Janine at Pigtails and Pearls 
to see all her wonderful creations.

Who could resist these sweethearts!

I had the pleasure of helping Janine put the finishing touches
 on an Enchanted Bedroom for the youngest of her three girls.
When I first saw the room, it looked lovely.... 
more like a stylish guest room
than a "big-girl" bedroom for a two year old.

What could I possibly add to it?


But Janine had a vision, and the client is always right! 
 She wanted an Enchanted Room,
 one with a big ol' gnarled tree filling one wall,
and a frog prince perched on a mushroom.

 School was out the day I painted, so I had company while I worked. 
One of the girls drew a castle for the frog-prince, while I painted the tree.
Both big sisters loved the frog,
but it was the youngest daughter's reaction to him that was priceless. 
She walked into her room and spun around so fast
that she blurred the camera lens!
She loved her new room and couldn't stop touching the frog!
Now, instead of wanting to sleep with her big sisters each night,
she is eager to sleep in her own room.
Such a cutie!
In a few short hours we went from this


to this....
complete with a fairy for Good Luck!

Thank you girls for letting me play at your house!


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