Sunday, November 10, 2013

An Easy Way to Create an Antique Mirror

Some of you may recall those gold veined mirror tiles from the 1970's.

Either you installed them in your home,
and thought they were wa-a-a-ay cool,
 you later purchased that home
and couldn't wait to tear them off the wall!

Well, they're back.
Sort of.

This time, the mirrors are antiqued, giving a vintage look,
that somehow seems more interesting and fresh.
A few years ago, I experimented with the patina process
by adding mirrors to the cabinet doors in my laundry.

It was a messy, stinky project.
Since then, I've done mirrors for client's homes
and several restaurants.
It remains a messy, stinky project.
I decided to find a better faster and easier way.

I had a can of KRYLON LOOKING GLASS on the shelf.
that was used to create some Mercury Glass.

Could I use it to make an antique mirror?

This is so easy and the results (to me) are as effective
as using chemical patina solutions.

1. Use clean, dry glass. 
Spray glass with a vinegar + water solution

2.  Immediately spray the wet glass with KRYLON LOOKING GLASS. 
(3  light coats recommended for maximum shine)

3. Blot with a paper towel.

4. Peek at the front of the glass to see how your mirror will look.

5.  Spray paint over the KRYLON LOOKING GLASS
with your choice of paint.
 I used blackened bronze, but black or grey would look great too.
Feeling creative?  Try a color!

6. Let the paint dry - then admire your work.


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