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All in the Family!

I'm so excited to share these photos with you
because MY SISTER painted this adorable table and chairs.  Didn't she do a great job?

My sister is an inveterate "curb-side shopper."  She finds her treasures while walking her dog, and then races home to get the truck in order to snag the prize before anyone else does. She has quite the knack for finding wonderful furniture this way!

This cute fabric inspired her color scheme. She has just begun to dive into the world of painted furniture, and I'm delighted to cheer her on.
I wish we lived near each other so we could 'play with paint' together!
Now she faces the challenge of deciding to keep the furniture, or to find it a new home! 

Here's hoping the New Year finds her painting more furniture.
And that's my hope for you, too. Paint something - whether large or small - and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment, knowing you have something that is uniquely yours. Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas!

There was time for one quick painting project yesterday ....and this one was for our house.
Months ago I painted a pair of bookcases in our den dark olive green  -- a lovely change from their previous golden oak.   I had hoped to replace the clear glass in the doors with vintage, seeded glass,  but given the cost, it seemed a frivolous thing to do. Click to see how spray paint can turn clear glass into vintage mirror.
I was thrilled with the improvement!  No more looking at the messiness that quickly accumulates on the shelves.

With this project quickly finished, there was time to make one more batch of cookies,  using a recipe shared by a friend, Miss Niki, for the best Chocolate Chip Cookies EVER!

If you love your cookies melt-in-your-mouth-moist, then this is a recipe for you.  The key is to let the dough rest for at least 24 hours in the refrigerator.   This allows the gluten in the flour to relax and not make your cookies hard.    Don't ask me how or why, I just know it works.

Detour Around Town: It's Looking like Christmas

This week I attended a fund-raising event
sponsored by local charity that serves needy children in our county.  The Macomb Charitable Foundation
 was established by a woman I am proud to know, Miss Shelly.
She works passionately 
to alleviate the suffering of underprivileged children and their families.  Her energy is boundless. And I admire her very much. The event was a Christmas Walk, a chance to visit six beautifully decorated houses.
Each one was different -- each a beautiful reflection of their owner's lives.

Would you  like to take a peek?

This was an amazing light display,  with the focal point being a village that represents the homeowner's family and neighbors. We saw gorgeous trees

Grand stairways

Lush mantles

And kitchens to warm the soul.

Best of all, because of the event's success, the Foundation is able to assist more than 500 children this season. Enjoy!

Painted Headboard

For years, I've been thinking about a new headboard for the bedroom. I drooled over this one -- but lovely tho' it is, it's too expensive. I thought about building one -- but never found the time. Or maybe a fabric covered one -- no, since we have cats, 
it would be a magnet for their hair.
Then quite unexpectedly, I saw this in a re-sale shop. .....and I was smitten.
It was tall.  It was the "right" shape. It had interesting details. And it was already painted! Thank you, to the unknown artist.   BUT ...and there's always a BUT isn't there?
My Dearly Beloved didn't seem to share my enthusiasm. He looked warily at the monolith leaning on his workbench.,
"Yes, it is  too wide, king sized, and we needed a queen, But it looks easy enough to cut down, doesn't it?"
If he had any disparaging thoughts, he wisely kept silent, though I suspect inwardly he was saying, "did she really buy this?!"
Now, I'm aware that Dearly Beloved's daily habit  is…

3 Ways to Change a Mirror

Sometimes the perfect mirror presents itself.
The size and design are just right.
But the color is all wrong.
Or the technique looks inelegant.

I tell my clients to make the purchase.
Don't hesitate ---
the finish can be changed to fit their d├ęcor. Here are three ways to get the look you want.
1. Dry Brush 

Huh? What's that?

It's using a paint brush with just a little paint on the tip to tickle on the paint.
The result shows the brush strokes, 
and let's some of the background color show. 

Like this.  Initially this mirror had an unappealing, splotchy silver finish.
We wanted something more muted with warmer colors. 
Modern Masters WARM SILVER was dry brushed on top to correct the color. You know from last week's post that this color is one of my "go-to" silver colors! By adding some dark brown glaze onto the molding, 
the mirror now looks much nicer in my client's room. 

2. Silver or Gold Leaf

It's a bit messy....but so-oo worth it!

Your local craft store will …