Sunday, December 1, 2013

3 Ways to Change a Mirror

Sometimes the perfect mirror presents itself.
The size and design are just right.
But the color is all wrong.
Or the technique looks inelegant.

I tell my clients to make the purchase.
Don't hesitate ---
the finish can be changed to fit their d├ęcor.
Here are three ways to get the look you want.
1. Dry Brush 

Huh? What's that?

It's using a paint brush with just a little paint on the tip to tickle on the paint.
The result shows the brush strokes, 
and let's some of the background color show. 

Like this. 
Initially this mirror had an unappealing, splotchy silver finish.
We wanted something more muted with warmer colors.

Modern Masters WARM SILVER was dry brushed on top to correct the color.
You know from last week's post that this color is one of my "go-to" silver colors!
By adding some dark brown glaze onto the molding, 
the mirror now looks much nicer in my client's room.


2. Silver or Gold Leaf

It's a bit messy....but so-oo worth it!

Your local craft store will have the spray adhesive
and leaf that you'd need.
Try it out on a small project first --
a box, a finial, or lamp base.
You'll be hooked!

This mirror went from Gold Leaf

to Silver Leaf.


3.  Rattle Can

Ahh, the easiest of all! 
A simple can of Spray Paint.

When we modeled our bath, I simply sprayed the old mirror frame white!
It was an economical and quick fix that can't be beat.


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