Sunday, December 8, 2013

Painted Headboard

For years, I've been thinking about a new headboard for the bedroom. 
I drooled over this one -- but lovely tho' it is, it's too expensive.
Nikola Bed - Farmhouse Collection
I thought about building one -- but never found the time.
Or maybe a fabric covered one -- no, since we have cats, 
it would be a magnet for their hair.

Then quite unexpectedly, I saw this in a re-sale shop.
.....and I was smitten.

It was tall.  It was the "right" shape.
It had interesting details. And it was already painted!
Thank you, to the unknown artist.  
...and there's always a BUT isn't there?

My Dearly Beloved didn't seem to share my enthusiasm.
He looked warily at the monolith leaning on his workbench.,

"Yes, it is  too wide, king sized, and we needed a queen,
But it looks easy enough to cut down, doesn't it?"

If he had any disparaging thoughts, he wisely kept silent,
though I suspect inwardly he was saying, "did she really buy this?!"

Now, I'm aware that Dearly Beloved's daily habit
 is to do the least desirable task first. 
He reasons that once the job is done, the rest of the day is stress-free.

So, when he began to cut down the headboard before 9 am,
I knew it wasn't because he was thrilled to have a new piece of furniture!

Still, I had to ask,
"Are you doing this because you really, like the headboard,
or because you just want to get it over with?"

"I'm doing it because I love you."
...and that was enough.


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