Sunday, January 5, 2014

Chic Niche

for rent - Tours, France

You might think that if you lived in an impressively large enough home,
 all your design problems magically would disappear.  

They wouldn't. 
Grand homes have design dilemmas just like any other home.
Here's how a dear friend, and designer, Miss Debbie, 
brilliantly solved a problem for one of her clients.
Maybe you've seen this quirky, little feature.... 
The Niche.
for Sale - Dallas TX
Whatever can you do with it?
It's too shallow for a vase.
It's oddly shaped for a painting.
It's too high for watering live plants.

Nothing ever looks quite right.

Evolution of Style 4-13-2011
With careful thought and planning,
a useless niche transformed into a faux window!

The niche was trimmed to match the wood in the foyer
and matching doors were built.

But the real statement is made by the wrought-iron scroll work.
 I painted the glass to look like antique mirror,
which completes the window effect.

The conceit works because this faux window
adjoins a real one above the entry door.
You can see it in the reflection.

Now this niche is so well integrated into the room,
it enhances the décor, not detracts from it.


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