Sunday, January 12, 2014

Outdated to Updated


Sometimes a piece of furniture is too good to get rid of, but it's just dated. 
 That described this occasional table my client wanted to use in her family room.

The floral motif was too "country,"
and the orange color didn't go with any of her current wood finishes.
It just didn't fit in anymore.

But the floral motif was carved into the furniture, so it simply couldn't be removed.
Instead, the flower would have to be camouflaged.
An on-lay would solve that problem.
But not this one - it's too flower-y.
This one was much better.
Wood on-lays come in a variety sizes and shapes ranging from simple to over-the top,
and of course the prices vary accordingly! 
You can find on-lays at your lumber store, or a store like Home Depot.
Changing the color to black was a good decision.

And sanding it lightly to distress the table
made it even better. 

We all have pieces of furniture that would benefit from a re-design.
Before you decide to get rid of them,
think about the possibilities that some paint may make.
You may discover that you love your furniture again.


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