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An Alphabet Sign

OK, I confess - I enjoy winter. And we've had a healthy dose of it this season.  Today, with temperatures soaring to 12 degrees F, it feels absolutely balmy outdoors! Of course it's easy to love snowy days  when you have the luxury of a warm home and the freedom to work there.   I don't take that blessing lightly. Still, when you've grown up in Buffalo, you develop a certain hardiness and sense of adventure about the season. So on these blustery days,  I've worked on a few projects, some for my clients and some for me. Here's one I did today -- for me!
First, let me thank Susie Harris for the inspiration.

Ever since I saw her Alphabet Sign painted like old typewriter keys,
I wanted to try my hand at one.
If you haven't seen Susie's artwork, don't waste a moment.
Hop over and visit her blog.  You won't be disappointed.

To paint my Alphabet,
 I re-cycled one of my old paintings.

Removed from the frame, I primed over the flowers,

then "tempere…