Sunday, April 6, 2014

Salvage Chic Loft

It takes confidence and boldness to eschew trends
 and create a home that is as unique and interesting as its owner.

One of my clients artfully mixes the textures of an urban loft
with the elegance of antiques and a dash of theater.
What would you do with a pair of doors like this?
Why, use one for the closet, of course!
And the other as the room's entry door.
Which is where I come in.
Several years ago, this room was the master bedroom.
At the time, I helped take away the newness of the space
by dirtying the walls and crackling the wood trim for a worn, vintage effect.
Now the doorway was being rebuilt to accommodate
 this amazing door and repairs to the wall were needed.
1-2-3 good as new

Then it was on to the new master suite.
Let's embellish the vines painted previously by young student.

Then add some fun to the master bath.
(yes, that is a zinc sink)

But there's no real GAS LINE.

.....And around the corner is an electrical box,
that is really just a metal plate painted to look rusty,
and some HIGH VOLTAGE lettering!

 I couldn't be this adventurous in my home.
What about you?


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