Sunday, June 15, 2014

Crusty and Rusty Tailgate

Ian Britton @
My husband likes old stuff,
especially rusty mechanical oddities
that leave us puzzled about their original use.

Every now and again we spend a day rummaging
barn sales, flea markets and vintage shops.

He's a car-guy, so the CHEVROLET tailgate
immediately got his attention.
I knew he'd enjoy having this,
but WHOA! the price was more than I'd hoped.

4th Street Antiques
So on the way home, we stopped by a junk yard
and found just what we'd hoped for---

a tailgate from a 1963 Chevrolet step-side pickup truck.

And what luck, it was crusty, rusty and RED!

I'm sure the junk yard guys laughed themselves silly
when I told them what we'd do with the tailgate.

With a little clean-up, sanding, welding and varnish,
 this little beauty was ready to bring inside.

What pleases my husband more?

Having this hanging on the wall,
or knowing he paid so little for it.

Oh, you know it was the bargain price!


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  1. It couldn't be more perfect and what a find. Gary must love it!!!


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