Sunday, July 20, 2014

Picket Placemats

I'm not a crafty person. 
Artistic, yes. Crafty, no.  
There are clever people who make their own lipstick from crayons
and cute little bracelets from buttons,but I'm not one of them!

However, my creative itch does beg to be scratched occasionally,
so when something looks interesting, I have to try it.
A few months ago,
I jumped on the burlap and ruffle bandwagon
and made this table runner.

While I was at it, an old lazy-susan got a splash of simple black and white checks.
Continuing with the rustic table top theme, I decided to make........
Gosh, what would you call them?
Trays? Chargers?
How about Picket Placemats?

I stumbled upon this clever idea  at Claire Gillam's She Knows.
Thanks for the inspiration.
You provided me with an evening of fun1

Here's how I made my Picket Placemats.

The mats are made from 15" red cedar wooden shims.
The shims are readily available at any Big box Store
and cost $3.98.
Two placemats can be made from one bundle.
What could be more economical?

I lined up 12 shims,
then used 3 shims across the back to brace them.

Gorilla Glue held everything together.
The 2x variety dries extra fast --letting me assemble 8 mats very quickly.

Adding 4 shims on the front, created a frame.

Once the edges were trimmed, I sanded the wood to soften the edges
and prevent slivers.

White-washing the wood gives a distressed Picket Fence look.
I recommend light sanding after painting to eliminate any roughness,
because water-based paint raises the wood grain. 
A clear cost of poly to finishes it off nicely,
and makes the placemats easy to wipe clean. 

Once dry, it was time to set the mats the table.

True to form, anything new in the house has to be thoroughly investigated 
by Murphy, who decided these placemats were just right.

 With her stamp of approval,  I'll use them for a  "gal-pal" luncheon next week.

Tied up with ribbon or twine, and a set of napkins,
wouldn't they'd make a great hostess gift?


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  1. Well getting the gorilla glue stuck all over your fingers was well worth it. The placemats came out wonderful!!!!!


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