Sunday, July 13, 2014

Room al a Mondriaan

When a designer brought me this inspiration photo,
I was intrigued.
It reminded me of Mondriaan's paintings,
but with more color.
Her client's son wanted all four walls colorfully striped,
but we worried that might be overpowering.
We compromised on two walls
and painted the other two walls his favorite color,
bright green.
To begin, the striped walls were painted Charcoal Grey.
Then the painters tape rolled out.
Lots and lots of tape.
The design was finessed to fit the scale of the room better,
and I freely admit that I grumbled a lot about
the red paint that didn't cover well.
After 5 or 6 coats of red, the room was done,
and the result was perfect for him.
(note:  new bed linens are on the way!)
What did I learn on this project?
I came a way with a sense of satisfaction
knowing that a child's vision had been fulfilled.
He wanted something bold,
and thanks to a Mother who understands,
this young boy's room fits his personality just right.
Have fun Scotty!

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