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Chippy Old Paint

Do you lust after vintage architectural elements? You'll find them at flea markets and salvage shops,  but they cost $$$$$!!

Like this one I came across recently in an Ohio shop,
that was my inspiration for a client's project.

 Not able to find the authentic  "right piece" for her home, 
my client decided to buy a new piece of gingerbread trim, and asked me to paint it "OLD" for her.
This beauty is from Wholesale Millwork.

Out came the  brushes, blades, sandpaper and paints and we ended up with this!

It's chippy with just the right amount of "OLD." Honestly, if I had a place to enjoy it in my home, it would never leave me!

Surprisingly, this didn't take long to do. The layers are slip-slapped on randomly in any way that pleases your eye. It probably took longer to dry, than it did to paint it!
If you'd like to try this,  here's what you need to make this chippy paint effect: joint compound (Home Depot)sanded grout (Home Depot)3- coordinating paint …

Knotty Pine to White Kitchen

There's too much orange here!
My client was updating her 1970's kitchen 
by painting the cabinets white and adding a stylish backsplash.  
She asked me to help with choosing a color for her cabinets as well as her walls. It's not enough simply to choose a color for my clients,  I want them to understand why the color was selected,
so I keep large samples of various whites for my clients to compare.
We spend time studying the various undertones of each color,
until the right one is found.

It was apparent that some whites were too yellow, others a bit to greenish,
while others were too stark in her room. 

And that's the key phrase --'in her room."
The same white color that you love in your friends home, will look different in yours.
The color you choose will be effected by the natural light in your room,
and it will depend on the hard surfaces like flooring and countertops that will remain in the room.

 We settled on Sherwin Williams AESTHETIC WHITE #7035 
because it's a co…

A Color Test

I'm working on kitchen cabinets this week
and there aren't any finished photosyet,
so let's have a little fun. If you love color as much as I do, you'll enjoy challenging yourself with this Color Test. Each of us has a unique ability
to distinguish subtle variations in color.

How good is your eye? Let me know how you do.....