Wednesday, June 8, 2016

A Casual Table for the Patio

Hello friends,
Let's look outside for our next project. 
Here's a table I've used on our deck for years. 
Originally, a friend bought it at a yard sale,
but she decided not to keep it, and she shared it with me.
Wasn't that nice of her!

 With its fiberglass top and metal base, it's ideal for outdoor use, 
but after several seasons, the table was worn and shabby,
 -- and not in a good way!

Once again, in my excitement to paint, 
I forgot to take a 'before' photo.  

This one shows the table in primer, 
so we'll call it an 'almost before' photo

Often I'm asked how I decide what to paint and what colors to use.

It's so easy to decide what to paint for a client,
but deciding what to paint for myself is a challenge.
 There are too many options
 and I want to try them all!

This time, inspiration comes from 
the exuberant designs of Mackenzie-Childs.

Known for their lavish use of color and pattern,
you'll see that I'm paying homage 
to their unique style.

The color palette is simple:  yellow, green and a whisper of blue,
agains black and white.
The colors are loosely washed onto the table for a casual, painterly effect.
No precise,crisp edges here.
How do stripes, dots, squares and squiggles 
all work together to make a cohesive design?


For example, the black elements are the boldest and the largest.
The squares on the table top and base are painted with the same colors 
and are medium-sized, while the dots are the smallest.

Now, my deck is ready for summer!


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