Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Because I paint for clients,
 I never know what my next project will be 
until the phone rings.
Often it's something that stretches my imagination,
 like this recent project.
And that's what makes each day interesting.

A client wanted a painting for his office.

Muscle cars from the 1960's.
Yes, include the race car his business sponsored.
Yes, to bright colors.
And yes, it had to be large.
3 feet by 6 feet.

I know precious little about Chrysler cars.
Can't tell the difference between
a Challenger and a Charger!

Fortunately, my husband and all his friends
are car enthusiasts.

They provided lots of photos and advice
on what to include in the design. 
With all their suggestions in mind, 
I made a collage of iconic MOPAR vehicles,
and began to paint.

Little by little, things took shape.

Painting a collage, instead of a single scene,
 made the large canvas more interesting. 
I was able to use a variety of cars, 
logos and lots of color.

You can see that instead of painting the cars realistically,
I stylized them,
giving an impression of of their iconic details.

Like this:

Almost finished!

Once the brushed silver frame was added, 
the piece was ready for delivery. 

And here it is in it's new home.


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