Wednesday, June 15, 2016

1970's Furniture

Maybe you have a piece of furniture from the 1970's 
(or maybe lots of it!)
 and you're unhappy because
 it doesn't look stylish anymore.  

Stop fussing, 

because you have a gem waiting to shine!

The best thing about 1970's furniture is the wood. 
Frankly, if you're going to invest 
time and energy to paint or refinish 
a piece of furniture, 
you want something sturdy and well made.  

You want wood. 
Like this dresser.  
It's vintage 1970's Drexel Heritage.

To bring this dresser up-to-date, 
I decided to paint it white.
But all white seemed boring. 

For contrast, I chose to keep the wood top.

It was in good condition, 
but it needed to be refinished.

Let me introduce you to a time-saver:

Minwax Furniture Refinisher

This is the perfect way to remove
 varnish, shellac and lacquer
without damaging the wood underneath.

No sanding.
No scraping.
No mess. 

The old varnish came off quickly and easily.
In less than an hour, the top was done.

Once I saw the color of the natural wood, 
I changed my mind about staining it,
and left it natural. 

What a difference!

So let's paint!

For this project, I tried out a "new" paint.

Actually it's been around for a while, 
and many of you know about it, 
but it was new to me:


In some ways, it's similar to the popular chalk paint.
Like chalk paint, there's little prep before painting.

Unlike chalk paint, FUSION is thinner 
and seems to go on more smoothly
(at least for me!).
Plus a top coat isn't necessary
unless you want to add one. 

The results were wonderful!

Here's a PAINT TIP you may like to try:

Whenever I plan to distress a piece of white furniture, 

I first paint it black.

Sounds strange, doesn't it?

 I find that the black under-painting 
takes the "sweetness" out of the white paint.

 Plus, black gives an added dimension to the piece when it's sanded.

Like this.

You'll see, too, that I painted the hardware.
 I wanted the metal handles to recede into the background.

Overall, this old dresser now is lighter and fresher.


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