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Kitchen Table with French Script

A mistake often leads to something unexpectedly wonderful.   That's exactly what happened here.  Initially I wanted to re-stain the top of my kitchen table a darker color.   I began to sand.....


Things got out of hand.  
What I thought was solid pine was actually veneer,  and before I knew it, there was an ugly divot in the table top.
Re-staining wasn't going to work so......

On to Plan B:  painting the table top.   (here's my helper ready to walk through the fresh paint)

 I decided on a simple Black and White design, 
one that imitates those appealing vintage enamel-topped drop leaf tables
you often see in the antique shops. You know the type I mean. 

But it looked too plain.
It needed something, so I added lettering using a stencil, and liked it much better. 

For those who ask, the template is from Cutting Edge Stencils.
You'll find lots to inspire you at their website.

Much better -- 


Not Your Grandma's Desk

My Mom has a desk just like this one in her living room.
On a recent visit to her home, I casually suggested painting it for her. 
but she told me that she likes it just the way it is.
In other words, "Hands Off"!
So imagine my surprise when my neighbor offered me a desk just like Mom's. I was delighted to have it, but would only take it, 
if she didn't mind that I paint it. No problem!
So I carted the desk home and began to think about how to paint it.
White?  Black?  Color?  
Have I mentioned that I'm enamored withMackenzie-Childs designs?
I'm a "plain-jane" sort of girl, and for the life of me, 
I can't explain why their sassy, exuberant style appeals to me, 
but it just does. I'm smitten by it!
(Go ahead - check out their site, guaranteed you'll have fun, too!)
 I plan to use this desk in my guest room.  It has shabby-chic white furniture and soft grey-green walls. 
This whimsical desk will be the focal point of the room.
To mimic the MacKenzie-Child s…